Paws for Coffee started out of a love for our little fury friends. Our founder, Louise Rawlinson, is an experienced dog trainer who started walking dogs over 17 years ago. She trained under her dad, Stan Rawlinson “The Dog Listener” and has now trained thousands of dogs herself! Louise then decided to start her dog-friendly café, Paws for Coffee, over 4 years ago!



Paws for Coffee is a dog-friendly café, so we welcome all dogs! We love dogs so much that we have two menus; one for humans and one for dogs. Whilst you enjoy your coffee, your dog can also enjoy a treat – we offer dog treats, puppacinos, calve hooves, dog sausages and much more.

Paws For Coffee is a rare-find, not just because of its incredible location right outside Bushy Park, but because Louise has been training and looking after dogs for so many years that her incredible knowledge and love for dogs makes the café such a friendly, warm and safe space for you and your furry friend.


The relationship between people and dogs is incredibly dynamic and truly unique. Among domesticated animals, only dogs are capable of performing such a wide variety of roles for humans: herding sheep, assisting with disabilities and above all, being our beloved companions.

This is why we wanted to create a haven for doggies and their owners, where both are catered for equally with coffee and Puppacinos. All dogs get free treats during their visit, but only if they ask nicely of course!