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Click The Picture to Buy The Jingler

Click the Picture to buy the Jingler
Before becoming a full-time trainer and behavioural consultant, I worked in a number of professions, starting with the Army at a very young age, then as a professional musician, both classical and heavy rock.

I believe this gave me an appreciation of sound based training techniques when I finally became a full-time behaviourist and dog trainer.

I found that certain sounds aided training in most dogs. Some specific sounds can intensify your pet’s ability and aid concentration and mark both good and bad behaviour.

This speeds up the learning process and tells the dog when it is doing something wrong. We have clickers that tell dogs that what they are doing is correct.

Does it not make sense to have a tool that tells it when it is doing something that is not acceptable? The OFF command using the Jingler is amazing, Snippets of the video below.

This concept led me to design and develop the “Jingler” Many trainers and behaviourists as well as thousands of my clients are now using my “Jingler” methods for numerous canine problems.

These include jumping up, pulling on the lead, OCD, aggression, both inter-dog and against humans, predatory chasing, recall and much much more. We must be aware and conscious of the fact that both puppies and adult dogs must have the full spectrum of experience, not just the positives, but also the consistency and understanding of what is acceptable and what is not.

This is called boundaries and appears to be sorely lacking in some so-called modern training methods. I abhor cruelty and punishment to any animal. However, to use a marker to indicate actions that are not acceptable is not a punishment it is learning and teaches without to use of punitive methods such as check chains pinch collars haltis and Harnesses all which inflict pain and discomfort.

The Jingler can be used for a variety of problems “Walking to Heel” “Jumping Up” “Barking” “Nipping & Mouthing” (both puppy and adult dogs), “Food Snatching” and to aid “Recall” and “General Obedience”.

I have also used it successfully in some cases of inter-dog aggression, food stealing, jumping on furniture etc. Price is £8.00. Click on the Jingler picture to go back to the payment page,

 SAFETY: At no time should you jerk or pull the lead during training, it is possible to put considerable strain on your dog’s neck muscles.

This is an outdated and injurious technique. The Jingler is designed to overcome this when using it, just a gentle shake of the lead is all that is required.

Try it, put it near your ear and shake, it is quite loud,  your dog’s hearing is far more sensitive.

It is easy to get angry with your dog, but like us, dogs have off days, so if they don’t want to work on occasions don’t force them.

If you find yourself getting frustrated, count to ten then try to imagine what it would be like if you were shouted at or abused simply for not understanding what was expected.

If the dog is overly sound sensitive, simply unclip it from the D-ring and clip to the O-ring conveniently positioned at the handle of my specially designed cushion web lead, or remove 1 or 2 of the bells.

INTRODUCTION: When you get your Jingler It will include full instructions. However, I strongly recommend purchasing my DVD which will give you step by step visual instructions.

This is invaluable to understand the subtlety and scope of this fantastic training aid. The DVD is only 11.95 plus postage and packing: it covers Pulling on the lead, Jumping Up Nipping, Mouthing and Biting, and the Recall using the Sit Stay method.

The Jingler can be used for many other problems such as aggression in certain cases, barking, chasing cars and joggers etc. To use the Jingler method effectively it should be used in conjunction with the items shown below:

1. A proper leather or material collar, not a thin one, thinly rolled collars can bite into the neck; therefore I personally do not recommend them.  I manufacture my own collars in a tactile web which matches the leads I produce.

Never use a check or choke chain this is a barbaric outdated method of lead control and can cause neck and spine injuries. With my method, there is never any reason to use one You will also not need to use a Halti or a Harness.

2. A five foot plus lead, A short lead will make it difficult for you to control the dog when he or she pulls or jumps up Plus you want to give your dog the freedom to toilet without standing over them.

I sell these in a number of colours the material is made out of cushion web designer see my website for cost with Jingler lead and collar combined it is cheaper. See my Products

This is a snippet from my new Jingler DVD that can be bought as a DVD or as a streaming video. It shows me working with a number dogs that I had never met before.

These are just a few of the many letters I receive

Dear Stan

WELL… JUST WOW… day 1 half an hour on the exercises… off… stay… and a walk to heel… just can’t tell you… my soon to be 10month old large Doberman… was killing me walking him… so powerful… he was walking to heel in about a quarter of an hour…feel more confident with him already… was afraid i would be pulled over the road, his harness hadn’t worked didn’t want to go down the halti route,,, am so happy I could cry… will recommend to my friends.. and will continue to follow your guidelines.

Thank you so much

Pauline Wheeler

Amber the rescue dog helped by the JinglerStan,

Just thought I’d write to say what a fantastic idea and product the Jingler is. With the lead and video for a very reasonable price, this is a great solution to a problem that affects most dog owners.

After walking my new rescue dog Amber for five weeks of being dragged along country lanes with friction burns and a very sore hand – in less than two minutes with the Jingler and she was walking to heal!!! Amazing.  It wasn’t a flash in the pan as three weeks later all is still good and getting better.  She has some other ‘issues’ mainly due to anxiety but dog classes combined with the Jingler has shown enormous improvements.

Thanks for the life-saving invention!

Christine Beardshall

Hi, Stan – we talked a while ago about my German Shorthaired and some of the issues we were having. I just wanted to say thank you so much, we’ve been working with the jingler on ‘off’, which she picked up immediately, then ‘stay’ especially when I’m preparing her dinner – that had been a very annoying time of jumping and barking, also working on not letting her act like an idiot anytime we were going through a door, and the jingler has made incredible changes. But today we tried walking on the leash for the first time with it, and it was honestly like a miracle had happened. I’m so proud of my dog, and so happy we can enjoy quiet walks together for the first time in two years.

Thank you so much,

Claire (in Florida)


Dear Doglister,

After purchasing your DVD, then lead, collar and jingler I now have a dog who walks beautifully on her lead.
I only clipped the bells on and hey presto! Amazing is the only way I can describe it.
She’s always been pretty good regarding food, but we started with the ‘Good,’ ‘take it.’
Still working on the jumping up without her lead on, but as soon as her lead is on she behaves.
I just wished I had had this 6 months ago.

Thank you so much from both myself and Darcey.

Kind regards,


Hi Stan,
Had to write and say how fantastic the Jingler and you training methods have worked with our dog.
Literally within minutes of using the Jingler and the training methods described in your video our dog, which is a 5yr Labrador cross, rescue dog, was responding to walking to “heel”, whereas she would normally be pulling hard when out walking.
Within 2 days of using theJingler, she will now walk happily at “heel” even when off lead with the distractions of a country walk.
A brilliant method of training which does not hurt the dog in any way.
Royston Jones


Dear Stan
Thank you for such a quick reply to my first email.
I have been trying to train Douglas to heel, every day for two years now. I have managed to get him to walk just in front of me only pulling some of the time. Smiley lead as the kennel club calls it.

But I wanted him to walk right by my side. As a lot of the time, I’m pushing my mum in her wheelchair.
So I need Douglas by my side and away from the wheels for his safety.I started using the jingle bells yesterday. Today I took my dog and mum for a lovely walk. With Douglas walking beautifully by my leg the whole time.
He even walked past other dogs without pulling.
I’m shocked and amazed. I have tried so many trainers and training aids and training ways in the last 2 years.

That I was starting to feel pretty useless. I wish there were trainers like you in this area. I’m now waiting and looking forward to your recall DVD coming out. As we do have a problem with Douglas chasing rabbits squirrels pheasants any little critters really. And I haven’t been able to find anyone able to help us with his chasing
Thank you so much, Stan.Maxine and Douglas,


Dear Stan
Our purchases have arrived, The mailman had given it to our neighbours. They gave it to us yesterday evening and we started immediately with the OFF command.Wow, after two offs she already had it.

Today we trained the heel and it works! Unbelievable that we are struggling for a year and that the jingler solved our problem in minutes!!

Best Regards, Luc